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Xtreme Clutch Twin Disc for 2015+ Ford Ecoboost Mustang

Xtreme Clutch Twin Disc for 2015+ Ford Ecoboost Mustang

$ 1,599.99

Though clutch options for an Ecoboost vehicle are limited, this twin disc is pretty much the only option you would ever need. Supports 500whp+ and 880ft/lbs of torque, near 20lbs lighter than factory, yes even though it is a twin disk it's construction is still lighter than the factory unit as you are ditching the factory dual mass system.

Kit will include the following:

  • New Release Bearing
  • 2 x Rigid Organic Disk (Or Ceramic if chosen)
  • 1 x Floater Plate
  • 1 x Pressure Plate
  • 1 x Fulcrum Cover (functions as a single disc pressure plate would)
  • 1 x Flywheel
  • 6 x Flywheel bolts
  • 1 x Alignment Tool

We have used these kits in other vehicles and they drive extremely well for being a rigid disc, and the pedal pressure isn't increased much over stock, so your daily driver can remain your daily driver!

This should be paired with one of our engine builds if you have big power intentions!

If you have any questions on if this product is for you, please email us! 

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