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Vargas Stage 2 Turbo (Twin Scroll) upgrade for 2015+ Ecoboost Mustang

Vargas Stage 2 Turbo (Twin Scroll) upgrade for 2015+ Ecoboost Mustang

$ 2,025.00

Stage 2: Up to 500-525whp

Stage 2+: Up to 600whp

Horsepower levels listed are maximums and require a built engine and fuel system to go beyond 425whp. Stock engine can be used up to 425whp, it is suggested to do this with the TUNE+ Port Injection system and a higher grade fuel (E85, Race Gas)

91oct - 345-360whp depending on fuel quality and modifications

93oct - 365-385whp depending on fuel quality and modificatons

E30 - 390-410whp depending on modifications, fuel system will be maxed out.

Shipping is free within the continental 48 states, add $175.00 for international shipping.

[From the manufacturer.....]
We are proud to introduce the latest in our line of EBM turbocharger products the VTT EBM Stage 2 turbocharger. This is a new EBM turbocharger from the ground up, using 100% new parts throughout. Some of the ground breaking features are fully new turbocharger from the compressor housing, to the bearing housing, to the turbine housing, we had them engineered to fit in the stock location, but provide the full flow of a much larger turbo. Every part on these turbos were designed around our specific goals for power, flow, and reliability. What we ended up with is a turbocharger, that can utilize the stock location while providing enough flow for 550WHP. To do this we increase the area inside not only the manifolds, but also the turbine, and compressor housings, we also slightly increase AR ratio on the turbine housing to free up even more flow, while not giving up anything in spool. To put it bluntly, there is no other 550-600WHP capable turbocharger option on the market that can match the spool, ease of fitment, power or reliability of our EBM Stage 2 / 2+  turbocharger!


Please choose between Stage 2 (71MM) or Stage 2+ (76MM) depending on which power level you are looking for. Stage 2+ is a $300 upcharge

Turbine housing is cast from 22+NB Stainless steel, compressor wheel is made from billet aluminum. 


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