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TUNE+ 5 Bar MAP Sensor Upgrade for 15+ Ecoboost Mustang / 16+ Focus RS

TUNE+ 5 Bar MAP Sensor Upgrade for 15+ Ecoboost Mustang / 16+ Focus RS

$ 159.99

TUNE+ 5 BAR MAP Sensor upgrade is only for customers that are maxing out their factory MAP sensor. The factory sensor is maxed out at 29psi, which most customers won't ever reach. However with more and more customers going big turbo with built engine this is going to be a must. Again, this is only for customers that are making over 29psi on their setup! IF YOU HAVE A STOCK ENGINE, YOU WILL NEVER BREAK OVER 29PSI!!!

If you do not choose the Plug and Play option, you will be required to splice into your factory harness and make some solder connections. The plug and play option will allow you to bypass all wiring involved in the upgrade. 

Green Wire - MAP Signal (Use Pigtail, Cut at male plug)

Red Wire - 5v Power

Blue Wire - Temperature (NTC)

Black Wire - Ground

This upgrade will require you to remove your intake manifold and drill/tap for best results, you can however supply boost via vacuum line but it is preferred to tap into the plenum of the intake manifold for most accurate readings. 

This sensor will allow you to continue to monitor charge air temps as well as the factory TMAP sensor on the intake manifold is your Charge Air Temp data source. 

This upgrade will require engine tuning from TUNE+ exclusively!

Install instructions are available after an order is placed by emailing








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