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TUNE+ Titanium Single Exit Catback for 2016+ Ford Focus RS

TUNE+ Titanium Single Exit Catback for 2016+ Ford Focus RS

$ 1,749.99

Please allow 7-14 Business days for your order to ship. If you are in a rush please email for possible expediting. 


  • 100% USA Made w/ Lifetime Warranty
  • Extremely lightweight titanium construction
  • Available with and without muffler (no resonators)
  • Available with Burned Tip/Joints (Main Picture), or Raw Titanium (Second Picture)
  • 7lbs without muffler, 9.1bs with muffler TOTAL WEIGHT!



Designed by TunePlus, Inc along with our USA based manufacturer out on the east coast. We use the highest quality Titanium available along with a few TiCON Industry components. The goal of this system is to give the Focus RS a unique sound, look, and save as much weight as possible.

Full 3.00" construction from the factory downpipe connection (2.5" to 3.0" adapter). If you opt for a muffler there will be a 3" in/out titanium muffler located on the mid-pipe under the car. Don't worry there is still PLENTY of ground clearance. The rear outlet is a 3.5" 35° turndown in pie-cuts for an extremely unique look.


Target weight of the final production unit is 7lbs total without muffler and 9.1lbs with muffler. That is correct, 7 and 9lbs TOTAL for the entire catback.

That is a total weight savings of 84.00% over most aftermarket catbacks for the Focus RS currently on the market. (This is factoring 50lbs) Nearly 88.00% lighter than the factory exhaust! Just picture being able to lift your entire catback with one finger.



We are working with Kuro Carbon on having some rear diffusers made in carbon with a single exit. This will convert the black/grey plastic on your rear bumper to carbon fiber and the extra exhaust hole will follow the flow of the factory diffuser and will look like it came factory with a single exit exhaust!

We are also working on just a blanking plate to fill the hole if you don't want a carbon rear diffuser. Will add more information at a later date for this portion.


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