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2013+ 2.0L Focus ST E-tune Package (Single Tune)

2013+ 2.0L Focus ST E-tune Package (Single Tune)

$ 200.00


E-tuning is how you get the most power out of your vehicle safely. With the single custom tune file that I also offer, your car will perform better than stock and most off the shelf tunes on the market. However every car is different, and not everyone lives in the same area. Custom tune files can fluctuate in performance based on barometric pressure, air quality, and climate. This is why I recommend everybody to opt for an E-tune as it allows for fine tuning of many tables to ensure your car is optimized for your specific configuration.

During the E-tuning process you will be required to datalog multiple parameters to allow me to view how your car is reacting to each revision. Usually I can finalize a tune in about 5-7 revisions. So plan on being able to make 3rd gear pulls from 3000rpms to redline in a SAFE AREA to finalize a tune. Big turbo may take a few more revisions to finalize depending on the kit, or upgrade.

Most revisions are made within 24-48 hours from the time you send a email with a datalog. If there is going to be any delay you will be notified (out of office reply). If you need a tune finalized in a short period of time, please see my live tuning page. 

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