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About TUNE+

TUNE+ is one the most reviewed and highest rated tuning companies for the Ford Ecoboost 1.6L to 2.3L platform. In order to stand out from the many other companies and private tuners on the market, I made sure to focus on something that matters more than just an excellent calibration. Unmatched customer service, and it all starts before we even get to the tuning process. I prefer to answer any and all questions the customer may have before purchasing a tune. Consulting is required in order to make sure that your expectations can be met and are realistic. I prefer to make sure a customer can be 100% satisfied before they spend a penny. Nothing worse than paying for a service, only for it to fall short of meeting expectations. 
Over the past 8 years I have used a wide range of tuning devices and software, on many different vehicle platforms. Some were very easy to use, and some were a huge pain and were lacking a ton of functionality. This experience has allowed me to make an easy decision to narrow it down to a single software/brand, Cobb. As you will see as you browse through my website, each service I offer utilizes the Cobb Accessport. By only supporting one device, it avoids having to search/learn tables in a new software, and gives me more time to use the many tables already available with Cobb to my advantage. I have seen too many tuners over the years take on any job even if they aren't familiar with the tuning. It resulted in long wait times, and upset customers, especially when they need to diagnose a problem. Because of my familiarity with the Cobb software, I am able to quickly tune or diagnose so you can spend your time actually enjoying your vehicle.
For on site tuning information, please email me to discuss. I am willing to travel to tune a complex setup, or multiple vehicles. My email is